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Corrugated Roofing in Sutton

Corrugated Roofing Sutton

Corrugated roof sheets are one of the best choices when it comes to long-lasting roofing solutions. These beautiful and highly efficient roofs have been used for ages to cover Sutton homes.

Choosing the right corrugated roofing contractor is key to reliable corrugated roofing sheets installation. And we are just the team for the job. Our company has offered exclusive roofing solutions in this region for ages and continues to do so. We are experts in metal roofing sheets and many other roofing solutions.

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What Is Corrugated Roofing?

A material is said to be corrugated roofing when it has alternating folds and ridges running in parallel lines to each other. The folds and ridges are essential as they remove debris and deflect precipitation.

These roofs are generally made from metal materials like aluminium or steel. But modern roofs are crafted from more advanced materials like fibreglass. Some are also made from plastic.

“Corrugated” means a material has been designed into grooves or ridges to make it stronger. Your garage roof may have corrugated material made of any of the raw materials we have mentioned above.

Since the raw materials are usually lightweight and inexpensive, the addition of grooves and ridges increases strength, making them perform better than they would otherwise.

One of the biggest advantages of corrugated roofing is the abundance of options. You will find them in a vast range of styles, colours and measurements. Thus you can easily choose something that fits your desires.

The installation process is quite simple, making it a very affordable roofing solution. And when properly installed, it can last for over 30 years with very minimal maintenance.

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The Benefits of Corrugated Roofing

Corrugated roofing sheets have several benefits, especially when used for certain applications. That means you need to consider the limitations of using them before installing our new roof in specific places.

Here are some of the biggest advantages:

Relatively Cheaper

Most of the corrugated roofs used on many homes are inexpensive, depending on the material they are made from. Some of them cost less than half the cost of installing tiles and other more expensive roofs. And yet it will meet your roofing needs quite exceptionally.

Usually Lightweight And Easy To Install

The weight matters a lot when it comes to the best corrugated roofing sheets. Light materials are easy to transport and even easier to install. A competent contractor will finish the roofing work within the shortest time possible, allowing you to continue with other things.

Excellently Deflects Precipitation

Rain, sleet, snow and other severe weather conditions can adversely affect your roofing structure. When the corrugated roofing material cannot deflect them, it causes structural damage. Corrugated metal sheets are quite excellent at preventing that from happening. It will keep your home warm and safe.


A wide range of corrugated metal sheets exists to meet specific roofing needs. They come in different materials, colours and styles, allowing you to create a customized roof. Also, there are various roofing styles, and they allow for easy installation of roof lights.

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Corrugated Roofing Could Be Safer To Walk On

The ridges offer a slight degree of traction, making these roofs much safer to walk on. Although they are not the safest, and some materials can be fragile, they still offer good safety. Besides, you can choose the highest quality option for more benefits.

Corrugated Roofing Is Fireproof

With proper roofing work, a corrugated metal roof can offer great protection in case of a fire. This can keep your precious house from burning down. However, it may not be the most fireproof solution since metal absorbs heat.

Corrugated Roofing Requires Little Maintenance

Maintenance is another crucial factor when choosing roofing materials. Corrugated roofs are not only easy to install, but they are also much easier to maintain too. Even so, you will need a regular inspection to ensure your roof structure is in perfect condition.

Corrugated Roofing Is Eco-friendly

Corrugated roofing uses less energy for production compared to other materials, making them eco-friendly. Also, zinc from old sheets is recyclable and can be used to create new sheets. This reduces the need to find raw materials.

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Disadvantages Of Corrugated Roofing

Even with all these benefits, corrugated roofing is not without some limitations. It is crucial to know these disadvantages if you want to make the best decisions.

Here are some of them:

Poor Noise Insulation

Perhaps the biggest limitation of corrugated roofing is the lack of noise insulation. This can be quite serious during the rainy season as the roof will keep making noise. It is not ideal for structures that require more silence.

More Vulnerable To Wind Damage And Rust

You need to invest in the highest quality sheets if you don’t want to deal with wind damage and rust. Corrugated roofing can be quite vulnerable to these conditions, making them less effective. However, there are ways of reducing such risks, and your roofer should be able to share some.

Installation Requires An Experienced Roofer

Even though corrugated roofing is easier to install, not just anyone can do it. You will need to hire a highly experienced installer to fix them, which could increase their cost. Luckily, you can always get back the value of your money in the long run.

Require More Maintenance Than Smoother Panels

Corrugated roofing will get your structure well-covered and shake off dust and precipitation. However, they are more demanding than smooth-panelled solutions. You need to call a roofer for an inspection every once in a while.

Less Efficient On Commercial Structures

Generally, metal is not the best material for most commercial and industrial properties. It’s considered more expensive and does not offer the performance these places need. So, if you need a good roof for your business building, you might need to find something else.

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How Much Does Corrugated Roofing Sutton Cost?

Corrugated roofing is among the most cost-effective roofing solutions in Sutton. Although it depends on the specific material and the roofing company, you can always get a good deal.

Zinc and other roofing pieces cost between £130 and £165 per square metre. There are other features of the roof that mainly increase the initial installation price, though. These include vapour barriers, timber slots, slab insulation, breathable membranes, plywood, timber jolts and plasterboard ceiling.

Here are other factors that will influence the final price:

  • The material. The cost of installing and replacing fibreglass is relatively higher than other materials.

  • Weather reinforcement. Different types of reinforcements exist in this industry. They are placed underneath for noise insulation.

  • Roof size and type. Larger roofs will cost more. And whether your roof is pitched or flat will also influence how much you pay.

  • Project’s overall design. The roofing company will choose a specific method of fixing the roof depending on their expertise and experience. Some designs and more expensive than others. Also, it might take longer to meet the job when the procedure is more complex.

Corrugated sheeting is not a new cladding material in Sutton. They are used to cover garages and other parts of buildings, especially where large structures require roof replacement.

In most cases, a roofing service will charge £3 to £4 per square foot to install the roof. But as stated above, the final cost will depend on these other factors, especially the type of corrugated material used.

Always contact the roofer for free estimates before making your budget or investment. Ask as many questions as you want until you are satisfied. That is the only way to get attractive with quality workmanship.

Best Corrugated Roofing Contractors in Sutton

It takes a lot of energy and skills to install or replace corrugated roofing Sutton. And that is why DIY approaches are not recommended, even for more minor repairs.

You need to choose the most competent team to work on your precious house because this is a long-term investment. Find someone who can properly advise you on the different options and why one type is better than other corrugated roofing.

And that is where we come in. We value our clients and strive to offer them the best roofing services.

You can trust us because:

  • We are experienced. Our company has served Sutton homeowners, creating a community of happy customers for many years. We understand a good roof’s importance and will get it done for you.

  • Efficient. We use the latest technology and a highly-trained team to work on your home. Thus, we will replace your roof in no time, allowing you to continue your normal life.

  • Top corrugated roofing experts. We understand different corrugated materials are manufactured in different thicknesses, lengths and raw materials. Therefore, they may require a certain approach different from others. Our expert installers will find the perfect method to deliver that roof.

  • Licensed and insured. You will notice we only use the highest quality materials and work with reputable brands to supply them. Each task is carried out using a specific order and plan. This is because we are a duly licensed and insured roofing company that follows the law. We want you to trust us.

Do you need corrugated roofing sheets for your home or warehouse today? There is no need to worry anymore since we have got you covered.

Contact us now for an obligation-free quote. We will find the best schedule to install the roof using high-end methods.

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